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Get back the hard drive!

- A quest to search for MakubeX's lost item

Lost Mission - A GB RP
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This is yet, just another Getbackers RP.


After everything that happened during the series, Sakura leaves Mugenjou in search of the Honky Tonk, which is the Get Backers’ headquarters. Her task, outside the city she protects alongside MakubeX, was to talk to Ban Midou and Ginji Amano and give them a case.

Sakura’s case wasn’t like any other case at all. Oh sure, they had to retrieve the memory of some guy, IL, MakubeX himself, the arms of the Venus De Milo and everything, but maybe-- just maybe-- it was a bit more vague. All of MakubeX’s software, hardware and everything in his computer was lost! And even MakubeX himself could not trace who the culprit is. And Ginji, being a special friend of MakubeX, Sakura, and to all the Lower Town of Mugenjou, accepted the case alongside his partner Ban.

On the other hand, Kazuki and Hevn were eavesdropping right outside with Kazuki’s string, and heard all about it. After telling everyone else about what they had heard, they decided to join Ban and Ginji in their search for MakubeX’s computer hard drive.

And these were the people who wanted to come along

Ban Midou = ban_evil_eye
Amano Ginji = ginji_han
Kuroudo Akabane
Himiko Kudou = fatal_scent
Shido Fuyuki
Kazuki Fuuchoin = wasureta_kioku
Sakura Kakei = gentle_sakura
Natsumi Mizuki = pingpongneko
Wan Paul

And the people who they came across with at Mugenjou are:

Juubei Kakei = juubei_
MakubeX = __makubex__
Emishi Haruki
Raidou Ren
Toshiki Uryu
Kaoru = fire_slayer
Kagami Kyouji = skliros_gyali
Miroku Ichizoku = optimus_fides
Maria Noches = mahou_maria
Feel free to add more characters not listed here. Probably I just forgot to put it there. XP


1. All applications are to be e-mailed to ANY or BOTH of the moderators.

2. You must maintain playing as your character, or else, your character isn't RP-ing a Get Backer anymore, you are already creating your own character. Y'know, Juubei doesn't take on Emishi's laugh, MakubeX does not go 'tare' as Ginji does, and other things.

3. You are not a puppeteer! You only control ONE character, unless the one RP-ing the character allowed you to do so. (This is also called godplaying, if I'm correct..?)

4. Use correct PROPER English! That's very important. And your spelling and punctuation marks too.. they should be..you know.. in proper use.

5. Don't forget to have fun! ^_^

Application form:

The part with the asterisks must be detailed. Detailed like how the GetBackers introduce themselves during the first episode.

Name [or screen name you go by]:

E-mail Address:

Any means of communication online: (AIM, ICQ, YM, MSN) Also define the IDs you use there. Nee? ^_^

Personal LJ username:

Desired RP Character:


*Weapon/s and/or abilities:

Side (you get it?): Good/Neutral/Bad (When making your profile, please don't add this part. It's a surprise for all. ^__^)

Costume: (Yup! Costume! It’s nice to go to a mission with a new costume, you know! ^_^ You can maintain your character's costume, or make your own. Anything is fine.)

The ff. parts below SHOULD not be placed at your profile, as this gives all the suspense away.

*Reason why your character wanted to go to the mission with the Get Backers (This is for the people who chose to be good and neutral):

*Reason why you are the "culprit" of all these things happening (Applicable for those who chose to be bad only):

*Where you want your character to search for the hard drive (Mugenjou or the rest of Japan [which is really, really big]) Also add the reason why, just a 1-2 sentence reason please:

A mini-log/mini-entry, about 8-15 sentences to check how your grammar, spelling and punctuation marks work.

E-mail this to midoricloud@yahoo.com or/and yoleiph@yahoo.com and if you have any questions about the weird, unconvincing application form and about the rules, email us or something. Oh, and make your application detailed, please? For my sake!

We'll probably be accepting you all, I'm not a tough cookie or anything. Both of us mods are, um, easy to please, so it's easy to pass against us. ^__^

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